Super Popular "C.C Beanie" Hat Pattern And Video Tutorial


Super Popular "C.C Beanie" Hat Pattern And Video Tutorial

Here are different patterns and video tutorials for C.C Beanie.

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Clementine Knits & Crochets: C.c (Colorado Chick) Beanie

Clementine Knits & Crochets: Copy.Cat C.C (Colorado Chick) Beanie
I wrote a copycat pattern for the super popular "C.C Beanie" by Colorado Chick. While in Chicago on a trip, I saw three different people wearing the same style hat in different colors. I noticed the first one because I stare at anything knit, whether machine-made or handmade. When I saw the second one, I assumed it must be a coincidence. But after I saw the third one, I turned to my husband and exclaimed, “I must knit that hat!” Then when I went home for a visit and hung out with a hometown friend, she was wearing the same hat I saw in Chicago, and I nearly tore it off her head in excitement. I obsessively analyzed it, counting stitches and rounds so I could faithfully replicate it.

The simple structure of the hat's design would allow it to look good in any color, including tonal, gradient, metallic, and tweed (though I doubt variegated or self-striping yarn would look good, as it would disrupt the stripe sequence.) If you do want to add stripes, just switch yarn colors on the 2nd rnd of the knit/St st rnds.

Without further ado, I present to you the Copy.Cat C.C Beanie!

200 yards of worsted weight (4) acrylic yarn
US 7 (4.5mm) 16" circular needle and DPNS
scrap yarn for crocheted provisional CO
5.0mm (H) crochet hook
yarn needle
pom-pom maker (optional)

CO 86 sts using the provisional CO
PM; join in-the-round, being careful not to twist
Knit one round 1x1 ribbing
Knit 1x1 twisted ribbing for 3.5”
Fold brim under and connect CO edge to live stitches; unzip the provisional CO one stitch at a time, knitting the CO stitch and live stitch together. Do this all the way around until brim is completely folded and joined. Be sure to tuck the CO tail within the folded brim – no need to weave it in!
Knit another round all the way around

Repeat the following sequence for a total of three times:
6 rnds purl
2 rnds St st
4 rnds 1x1 rib (NOT twisted)
2 rnds St st

Begin crown decreasing and switch to dpns when necessary:
Knit 3 more rnds St st (5 rnds total after the last 2 St st rnds)
k2tog all the way around
Knit 3 rnds St st
k2tog all the way around

Cut yarn and thread remaining stitches together w/ yarn needle. Pull through, tighten, and weave in end. Wear with pride!

EDIT: If you want to convert this hat into a Messy Bun Beanie, cut a hair elastic in half and thread it through the remaining live stitches after the second decrease round (approx. 21 sts rem), and then tie the elastic in an overhand knot. Please keep in mind that this hat is meant to be slightly slouchy, whereas Messy Bun Beanies are usually more form-fitting. Therefore, you may want to eliminate 1-2 rounds of purling in order to decrease the height of the hat so that it is less slouchy!

Alternatively, consider purling the crown instead of knitting it so the crown matches the purl rounds - this won’t look like the original, of course, but looks cool! Feel free to top it off with a pom-pom if you have lots of leftover yarn, or a faux fur pom-pom like the original! (It also looks good inside out, as I found out while finishing it!)

Christine at iKnits graciously filmed a FREE YouTube video tutorial to go along with this pattern! Be sure to subscribe to her station! (She's the one who came up with the brilliant idea to convert this or any beanie into a messy bun beanie!) Thanks, Christine!

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Super Popular "C.C Beanie" Hat Pattern And Video Tutorial

Here are different patterns and video tutorials for C.C Beanie. knittinghat ccbeanie video knittingtutorial

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