here is the diagram of the drawing, there is nothing complicated
the drawing is done on a multiple of 5 and we use flanges and mesh in the air
here is the work pattern, it is done in "1" time, finally almost
it is especially the back and the front that are done continuously until the level of the sleeves,
then you continue to finish the back and each side individually
the sleeves are straight, you just have to increase steadily
the edges and the sleeves are finished by a scale, I do not have the explanations of this scale, you have the choice
the vest is closed by 3 buttons, that's what makes it so charming
take a wool for a hook no 3, no more
and to help you in the measurements, I put a table burda, which is at this day the most accurate in our measurements, you will be able thus to compare your measurements with the diagrams